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Hood/Exhaust Cleaning
MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Proven methods of removing grease and flammable residue from the interior surfaces of the hood canopies, filters, duct work and exhaust fans ensure compliance with all applicable fire and health codes. We Steam/hand clean entire hood and duct system from top to bottom including the exhaust fan in accordance with NFPA 96 Standards ventilation control and fire protection.

Fire Inspection Services
Our fully trained and certified MidAtlantic Hood & Duct technicians will provide you and your staff the peace mind that your fire suppression equipment will function properly in the case of an emergency. Remember without adequate protection against the risks of fire, your most valuable asset your facility is in danger. MidAtlantic Hood & Duct will provide the following services.

  • Ensure all equipment is performing in accordance to NFPA standards
  • Inspect all equipment in accordance to state and local codes
  • Manually test all fire suppression equipment on site
  • Ensure all fire related signage and lighting are up to code
  • Repair any broken or non-functioning equipment
  • Tag all inspected equipment
  • Train kitchen staff on proper emergency procedures

Exhaust Fan Maintenance
MidAtlantic Hood & Duct will perform regular maintenance of the fan, belt, bearing and housing. Any repairs that are required will be written on the post inspection form and noted for repair. Our supervisors oversee each project to make sure it goes according to plan, inspection the entire cleaning and maintenance effort for quality and completeness, guaranteed!

Grease Filter Replacement
We’ll install UL listed, 2-inch wide stainless steel baffle grease filters to reduce the amount of grease-laden air that escapes in the ductwork and exhaust system. These filters also serve as a firebreak, controlling cooking flare-ups by minimizing flames penetration beyond the filter area. We provide quality products for your safety.

Grease Containment Systems for Rooftops
Our grease containment system absorbs the grease and fat residue from the kitchen exhaust fan before they can drop onto your roof. The system is inexpensive to install and maintain. Grease containment systems meet NFPA 96 requirements.

Power Washing
MidAtlantic Hood & Duct can provide routine maintenance of parking lots, store fronts, rooftops, trash areas, etc., as well as any special cleaning jobs. Sometimes, considerable prep work may be involved; soaking, scraping, brushing, etc. Before the power washing begins. Tough jobs can require repeated blasting. But when the job is finished, we leave the client with a fully cleaned area that usually looks years younger.

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