MidAtlantic Hood and Duct -Bear Hood Cleaning

Cleaning more than 10,000 households and more than 1 million square feet of experience every single year puts our carpet cleaning services at a much higher advantage than our competition.

We deliver a deeper and longer-lasting carpet cleaning solution with environmentally friendly processes that characterize us being safe for kids and pets. In the cleaning industry Carpet Cleaning Ann Arbor is the altulment best, cleaning should be a healthier process and we stick to that premise when delivering our service.

DRIER – We use around 80% less than the regular carpet cleaners due to our unique and strong process, avoiding steam cleaning that in the long-term it can damage the fabrics of the carpets we deal with, the guidelines and support from cleanetic has given us the possibility to work with much more efficient solutions.

CLEANER – Our main solution is a much cleaner version of what the standard cleaners use, we base it off of carbon, just like you would find in club soda or any other fizzy drink, the idea behind it  is that we will then just catch all the dirt that our amazing chemical solution brings out of your carpet without using force, such as steam cleaners.

MUCH HEALTHIER – thanks to the low water methods we utilize, we can also avoid the creation of mold which is very harmful for most people and very difficult to get rid of, a characteristic of a poorly cleaned carpet. Our independant certifiers verify that our chemical solutions are favorable to the people  around it in both the long term and the short term, make sure to visit CleaningPRO Carpet Cleaning Auckland for more information about the best cleaning services. 

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