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If you own a commercial kitchen, MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning can help you meet the requirements that the NFPA sets forth for your particular business. Besides satisfying these national standards, we know there’s a much better reason to have your commercial hoods and ducts cleaned, though.


Hood Cleaning

From cook-top to roof-top, we clean your vent hood system down to bare metal per NFPA 96 standards. If you just opened, or can't remember when you last had a hood cleaning, Call Now!

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Your kitchen exhaust system catches charcoal and smoke residue over time, and must be serviced regularly to maintain a safe working establishment for not only your employees, but your customers!

Access Panel Installation

Many hood and duct systems do not have an easily accessible system. We solve this problem for you once and for all with professional access panel installations for your commercial kitchen duct.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

The exhaust fan is a crucial component of your kitchen exhaust system, and must stay clean and free to work properly. Get an instant quote from us and do your kitchen a massive service!

Hood Filter Cleaning

We bring your hood filters to like-new conditions, with a thorough soaking and cleaning. Be amazed at the results in the overall cosmetics of your hood system with a professional cleaning!

Full Kitchen Cleaning

Is it time for a full kitchen detail? Breathe new life into your cooking establishment with a phenomenal deep cleaning. You not only improve your working environment, but increase safety and sanitation!

Why Clean Your Restaurant's Kitchen Exhaust System?

You probably know what an important job your hoods and ducts system does. A properly working system will remove unwanted particles from the air, which has a lot of benefits for you and your employees. You’ll be breathing cleaner air, have less sickness to worry about, and you won’t have to deal with sticky, greasy residue all over your floor and cooking equipment.

Call Mid Atlantic Hood & Duct!

MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning can help you make the cleanliness of your kitchen your top priority! We love being a part of the local community, and we’ve made many friends and loyal customers over the years. We have staff ready to answer the phone when you call, with information, answers to your questions, and ready to schedule your hood inspection or cleaning services at your earliest convenience!
Just call our toll free number 1-866-804-9157 to get in touch with us or contact us by email

MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning customers know that we offer the most comprehensive services in the area. They choose us time and time again because we provide the value and incredible services that they demand for their businesses. When we tackle your hood cleaning job, you can be sure that you’re getting the best service in the area. Our technicians are highly trained and capable of giving you a better clean than you thought was possible.

MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning has a wide service area that encompasses all area restaurants, schools, social centers, and much more. We can tackle hood cleaning services for any business, whether you’re open 24 hours a day or just seasonally. When you call for an appointment, we’ll be as thorough as possible over the phone in order to gather the information we need. From there, we’ll also want to do a visual inspection of your system in order to give you the best estimate of where we need to start and how much your services will const. Finally, we can set you up on a schedule that works for your business.

Your business is regulated by state and federal guidelines. MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning can help you stay ahead of any safety and health codes that are in place to keep your customers and employees healthy. Since these are your highest priorities anyway, MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning can help you keep your standards high.

We know exactly how to give your commercial kitchen the professional clean that it needs. When changes occur in the hood cleaning industry, our technicians know about them as soon as they happen, so we can provide the most complete, up-to-date cleaning you can get. From fire codes to health standards, we know them all!

It’s your legal responsibility to keep your kitchen hoods clean, but there are many more reasons to let MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning handle your kitchen exhaust system cleaning. You’ll also find that, after our services, your entire kitchen will be cleaner, and the difference will be noticeable to everyone. The air will smell better, and all the surfaces in your restaurant will feel cleaner as well. You can reduce sickness among your employees and create a happier work environment for everyone when your kitchen is professionally cleaned.

Also, you’ll be reducing the risk of a fire in your commercial kitchen. Clean equipment not only makes your safety inspector happy, but it also reduces the chance of a small fire spreading into the exhaust system and causing serious damage to your restaurant. Kitchen fires can be devastating no matter how big or small they are, so preventing them altogether is your best bet.

MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning will clean your kitchen hoods and exhaust system thoroughly, and when it’s all said and done, it will be at a price you can afford! We never overcharge for services that local businesses need, and you’ll always get far more than you bargain for with us! We complete our services quickly, making sure not to damage your system. Our services will help you avoid costly equipment repairs and replacements in the future as well, so we’ll save you money in more ways than one.


Who Needs Commercial Vent Hood Cleanings?

We work with restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools every day, so our technicians can get your hood cleaning services done quickly and be out of the way without hindering your ability to serve delicious food in a safe, healthy environment. Any food service establishment can trust us with their commercial hoods. Comprehensive service is something we pride ourselves on, and it’s one of the many areas where we refuse to compromise!

MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cares About Your Restaurant!

Our customers are happy to find MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning because many of them have struggled to find a professional hood cleaning company that offers all the benefits that we do with none of the hassle. When you choose us, you’ll get reliable services from a local business that understands your specific needs. Once you try us, you, too, will be convinced that we’re the only hood cleaner in the area that can provide you with consistent, unbeatable services!

Our Professional Hood Cleaning Services for Your Commercial Kitchen

Your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system is made up of many components, all of which should be cleaned well in order to help you meet industry regulations and give you many more benefits as well.

When you’re looking for a company that is competent enough to handle your commercial kitchen hood cleaning and you want those services at reasonable prices, we can offer you all these things, plus customer service that is unmatched anywhere in the area.

Commercial Hood Cleaning

When we clean your commercial hoods, we’ll look at hoods that are over your fryers and stoves, but we’ll also look at the ones above ovens and any other cooking equipment. We can give you a bare metal clean that health and safety inspectors will be pleased to see.

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Your exhaust system is made up of the hoods, filters, and ductwork that connects everything together. It can be very hard to get every part of it clean, especially if you don’t have all the right tools and industry-specific knowledge.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap cleaning is extremely important because it removes excess grease and debris that has collected in your kitchen exhaust system. The grease trap can only handle so much buildup before it becomes inefficient, so MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning can solve many problems before they happen.

Exhaust Fan and Rooftop Cleaning

The exhaust fan needs to be taken apart completely in order to completely clean it. This means disassembling it and cleaning each part, then putting it back together efficiently. Your roof can Accumulate a lot of grease because it catches the excess from the exhaust fan. Only a professional team like ours can give you these specialized services.

Commercial Oven and Fryer Cleaning

In addition to your kitchen hoods, your cooking surfaces will also need to be cleaned. We’ll efficiently clean all your cooking equipment, cutting boards, food prep areas, as well as the walls, floors, and ceilings if necessary.

Dumpster Area Cleaning

Your dumpster area is arguably the most contaminated area of your property, so getting it professionally cleaned should be a chance you jump at. MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning can offer you thorough dumpster area cleaning that removes dangerous and disgusting contaminants.

Access Panel Installation

The access panels in your kitchen exhaust system allow us to get full access to the ductwork and other interior areas of your exhaust system. You are required to have access panels in your exhaust system, but older restaurants may not be up to the most recent codes. We can check your system and install access panels if needed to get your system current.

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Installation

When MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning sets out to clean your exhaust fans and the ductwork connected to them, it’s much easier for us to access everything when the exhaust fans are on hinges. That way, we don’t have to remove and reattach them after every cleaning.

Don't Settle For Less When It Comes To Commercial Hood Cleaning

You don’t have to settle for average commercial hood cleaning, especially when you have a company that offers everything you could possibly want right around the corner. Try MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning, and you’ll see why other area hood cleaning companies strive to match our one-of-a-kind service!

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